Building a first-class domestic investment company

CARRY OUT A MISSION:Adhere to the implementation of supplyside structural reform, according to the provincial party committee and provincial government strategic arrangements, closely revolve around the old and new kinetic energy conversion of major projects, serve the province's economic and social development, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

STICK TO THE TWO GUIDANCES:Adhere to the policy guidance, actively participate in major infrastructure construction, solid completion of the provincial party committee, the provincialgovernment to deliver major investment and financing tasks to serve the national economy and people's livelihood; Adhere to market guidance, revolve around the province's new and old kinetic energy conversion major projects, invest in a number of high-quality projects with growth potential, good com-prehensive benefits, high scientific and technological content, strong demonstration effect, thus serve the development of modern industry.

SHAPING THREE CHARACTERISTICS:Precision analysis of industry status and development trends, integration of resources, optimization of capital layout, focusing on infrastructure, intelligentgreen, cultural and creative, social and people's livelihood and other industrial areas, We will realize the integration of "infrastructure +modern industry" and the linkage of two rules to create a strategic investment advantage for key industries. Actively participate in the implementation of regional planning such as"Belt and Road", carry out investment and financing cooperation in key regions and key nodes, and shape the characteristics of efficient integration of regional resources. We should improve the corporate governance structure of state-owned enterprises, which are responsible for their duties, coordinate and balance effectively, establish and perfect the modern enterprise system, strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises, and shape the innovative characteristics of business models.

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