Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Visits Guanxian for "June 1" Charity Donation Activity

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On May 30, Ni Shoumin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Executive Director of Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Ji Jingke, a member of Party Committee and Executive Director led a team to visit Donggucheng Town, Guanxian, Liaocheng (the village subject to the poverty alleviation by three "First Secretaries") to carry out the "June 1" charity donation activity, and investigate the work of the forth batch of "First Secretaries" from Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Shang Cunling, General Manager and Office Director of the Company participated in the investigation.

At the Primary School of Zhangzhuang, Donggucheng Town, Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. donated schoolbags, stationery and other school supplies to 211 students of the three villages subject to poverty alleviation, and donated education supplies and books to the Primary School of Zhangzhuang. In the speech, Ni Shoumin encouraged the students to establish lofty ideals, develop good moral characters, cultivate excellent skills, and grow to be the good students with good characters and the talents of China, and sent a holiday wish to the students and the teachers who work hard and cultivate the flowers of China. In the speech, the teacher representative of the school expressed thanks to the donation given by Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the attention on the education of children paid by the Company. As a teacher, he/she would do his/her work of teacher well, educate the children to learn well, serve our country and give back society. The children put on red scarves for the leaders of the Company, and respected them with salute of the Chinese Young Pioneers. They spent a happy Children's Day together.

In the process of investigation, the team led by Ni Shoumin and Ji Jingke visited the site to inspect the working and living conditions of poverty alleviation of the 3 "First Secretaries" from the Company, communicated with the main principals of the town, the personnel in charge of poverty alleviation and the members of two committees,   listened to the report of the First Secretaries to learn about the Party building at grassroots, the development of industrial projects, the construction of infrastructures, and the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation, and walked around to visit and inspect the basic construction of the Activity Room for the members of Village Party Committee, the cultural square of the village and the trunk road of the village. It gave a full praise to the good state of the 3 "First Secretaries" on rapid integration and active work, and proposed specific requirements for the work of next step. Ji Jingke said that we should accurately find out the focus of targeted poverty alleviation strictly by adjusting the measures to local conditions, and combining with the local planning for rural revitalization and the actual situation of poverty alleviation, according to the requirements of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Government, to lay a solid foundation for the work of next step.

The relevant principals and comrades from the Human Resources Department of the Company, Shandong Silk Road Development Investment Co., Ltd., Shandong Shunde Building and Haiyou Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Li Guangsong (Temporary Deputy Secretary of Guanxian County Party Committee), the relevant officials of County Party Committee, as well as Song Leiping, Wang Zhenying and Xu Jiangdao, Province-designated First Secretaries, participated in the activity.

Provided by: Xu Jingyun from Human Resources Department

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