The Company Holds the Second Centralized Symposium of the Campaign on the Theme of "Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind"

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In order to carry out the in-depth campaign on the theme of "Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind", and keep the campaign throughout, the Company held the Centralized Symposium surrounding the special subject of "have firm ideals and convictions, keep the nature of tenets, and dare to take responsibilities" on July 19. Liu Sifeng, the member of the 18th Tour Guidance Group of Shandong Provincial Party Committee attended the Symposium. The members of the leading group the Company as well as all the Party members and officials at middle level participated in the Symposium.

Meng Lei, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, took the lead to talk about his learning experience. He said that we should practice our original aspiration and mission with firm ideals and convictions. Facing new situations and challenges, all Party members of the Company should study thoroughly the  Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for A New Era, frequently reflect their shortages in study, align with the working direction and define their target for advancing, firm their ideals and convictions during the true learning and true faith, keep the original aspiration and mission firmly in mind during learning, thinking, practicing and understanding, and further strengthen the foundation of faith, take the calcium of spirit, and stabilize the rudder of thought. We should practice the original aspiration and mission with the tenets kept in mind, and profoundly understand that the Party does not have the special interests of its own other than the people's interests, and that all the work of the Party is to better realize, maintain and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people; we should further review the shortages on the implementation of "people-centered", and embody the "keep the tenets of Party firmly in mind and do well in services" in every word and action in a solid way. We should practice the original aspiration and mission with the responsibilities strengthened, carry out in-depth implementation of the requirements of "Year of Implementation" of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, plan the business with scientific ideology, long-term vision and practical work style, and make full efforts to complete the major tasks such as preparation of the medium and long-term strategic plan of the Company, the construction of Yantai Yulong Island Refining-chemical Integration Project, the implementation of Shandong Province Green Development Funds, the preparation and establishment of Shandong Green Energy Investment Co., Ltd., and the construction of the Country Complex in Juancheng, etc., promoting the high-quality development of the work of the Company.

 During the Symposium, other members of the leading group of the Company respectively talked about their learning experience by combining with their individual self-learning situations, and linking to the actual ideological work. The principals of the departments who attended the Symposium participated in the centralized investigation and discussion. Everyone agreed to practice the original aspiration and mission during the in-depth implementation of various requirements of the themed campaign, dare to be the “heaver” of Mount Tai in the new era, and make more active contributions to the major project of new-old kinetic energy conversion.

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