Group company organized a retired military symposium

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        To celebrate the 92nd anniversary of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of revolutionary soldiers, on August 1, the group company organized a symposium of retired military personnel, Ni Shoumin, deputy secretary of the party committee, Wang Guoqing, minister of human resources, full-time cadres of the trade union and 6 retired The soldiers gathered together to recall the military career and look forward to a better future.

       On behalf of the group company, Mr. Ni Shoumin, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group company, expressed his holiday greetings to the retired soldiers participating in the conference, wishing them a happy holiday and working hard, diligently, working hard and contributing their own strength and wisdom to their company. The development and growth of the positive contribution expressed full recognition.

        Subsequently, the veterans of the retired military made a speech, shared their own harvest and feelings in the army, and combined with the current work, talked about sentiment and determination. Thanks to the group company for their support and care for retired military personnel, placement of reasonable positions, and assistance to life. They all expressed their willingness to continue to carry forward the military's fighting passion, retiring and not fading, maintaining high morale in their posts, dedication, obedience, and burden, contributing to the development of the group company.

       In the end, Secretary Ni expressed his earnest hope: in the future, the ideas and suggestions of everyone in the work, the difficulties and requirements in life can be reflected in a reasonable way, the expression of compliance, and in the face of major issues, there must be a higher political sensitivity. Sexuality and stand firmness; while doing our job well, we must further strengthen our study, actively "charge", change our mindset, plan well, and accurately position ourselves; hope that everyone will continue to carry forward the diligence and dedication, vigorous and prevailing style, and carry forward The military's fine traditions, fulfilling its duties, and uniting as one, contribute to the high-quality development of the group company.

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