Circle fund to carry out beautiful environment construction activities

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       In order to actively respond to the group's call for the provincial civilized units, we will solidly promote the work of civilized unit construction, further beautify the office environment, enhance the sense of responsibility of the cadres and employees, and create a sense of responsibility, and create a warm, civilized and harmonious Working atmosphere, recently, the Circle Fund has carried out beautiful environmental construction activities.


In order to carry out this activity, the company has set up an activity leading group to be responsible for the supervision and selection of specific beautiful environment construction. The activities are carried out once every quarter, each time lasting 2 weeks, once every Wednesday and Friday morning, the organization will check once, and the department and individual work stations will be scored. After the results are summarized, the “Beautiful Environment Modeling Department” and “The Most Beautiful Position” will be selected according to the total score. "Two awards. During the event, the employees responded positively and maintained a clean, clean, comfortable and efficient working environment by optimizing the space, adding green plants, finishing the work, cleaning the environment, etc., further establishing a good work style and showing good performance. Company image. After the selection, the Ministry of Wind Control and Compliance was awarded the “Beautiful Environmental Modeling Department”, and two comrades Liu Shanshan and Chen Qinrong were awarded the “most beautiful positions”. The company has awarded the red flag and the “most beautiful station” medal to the award-winning departments and individuals, respectively.

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