The Party Branch of Shandong Industrial Zone Investment Fund Co., Ltd. Solidly Launched the Construction of the Party Branch of the "Three Up to Standard"

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"We must be more conscious of the responsibility of party building work, and the awareness of politics will be significantly enhanced, and the role of the branch and party members will be more explicit."

"The activities of the party branch organization also have the tendency of "heavy form, light and effective, heavy tradition, and light innovation", which is not targeted and effective."

Since the beginning of this year, in order to further forge the members of the branch, the political quality and the ability to perform their duties, and to give full play to the role of the fighting bastion of the party branch and the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members, Shandong Industrial and Investment Fund Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Circle Fund) Party The branch carried out the party building activities of the theme of “political compliance, basic work compliance, and business compliance”.

Recently, according to the work plan, the Party Branch of the Circle Fund Committee convened a Party Member Conference to carry out self-examination of political compliance, conduct a “physical examination” on the construction of political standards for party branches, check problems, find faults, adhere to problem-oriented, and layer the responsibility of party building. Effectively solve the current problems in the party building work and further strengthen the role of the fighting bastion of the grassroots party branch. The “Physical Examination” project is concise and concise – political compliance. The standard of "physical examination" is clear at a glance - persistence in the effective work, establishment and improvement of various branches and systems, ensuring political compliance, and continuously strengthening the cohesiveness of grassroots party organizations.

Focusing on political standards, all party members made personal analysis in light of their own standards and their own work. They exchanged ideas on the ideas, measures, achievements and existing problems of the construction of the branch standards, and actively offered suggestions for the construction of the branch political standards.

The meeting pointed out that the convening of the Party Branch Political Self-inspection Work Conference is not only a summary of the work of the company's party branch, but also an analysis of the problem. It is also a key task of arranging the next three branches of the branch, and promoting the comprehensive implementation of the party branch. Progressive and comprehensive.

The meeting requested that all party members and comrades should improve their political positions and strengthen their responsibilities. According to the standards for political compliance, through the rectification of problems, establish and improve various branches and departments, issue and publish branch work manuals, and solidly promote grassroots party building work and create company branches. Strong Battle Fortress Next, the Party Branch of the Circle Fund Company will continue to promote the basic work standards and business compliance, comprehensively standardize the various work processes, clarify the duties and key tasks of each position, enhance the company's standardized management level, and promote the quality of work and Improve efficiency and enhance the combat effectiveness of party organizations. We will strengthen the standardization and standardization of the work of the Party branch by solidly carrying out the construction of the Party branch of the Sanda Standard, effectively solve the outstanding problems in the party building work of the company, and provide a strong guarantee for pushing the company's work to a new level.

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