Group brief introduction

Shandong Development Investment holding Group is a provincial management function state-owned capital investment and operation company set up by the provincial party committee and the provincial government under the background of a new round of state-owned enterprise reform. It supports the infrastructure construction and the development of modern industries of Shandong Province. It is a investment and financing enterprise that promotes regional linkage, industrial integration and cooperative development...


Culture Drive

The Company pays high attention to the construction of excellent corporate culture, strives to create an atmosphere of seeking solidarity and cooperation, sharing responsibility and working hard, providing thoughtful service and pursuing excellence, establishes a platform for each staff to start entrepreneurship, exercise and improve, give play to talent and realize value, continuously improves the company's brand influence, decision-making execution, staff cohesion and core competitiveness, shares the development achievements with staffs, feeds the development dividends back to society, creates capital gains for shareholders, and condenses the powerful motivation of working hard for business and developing company by relying on culture.

Leadership speech

With a new round of state-owned enterprise reform tide, the provincial party committee, provincial government, Shandong development and investment group came into being. Since the establishment of the Group Company, we have adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly implemented the strategic arrangements of ...... More

Group leader Organizational structure

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