The Company Holds An Exchange on the Investigation Achievements of the Campaign on the Theme of "Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind"

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       On July 25, the Company held an exchange on the investigation achievements of the campaign on the theme of "Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind". Meng Lei, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of the Company took the lead to communicate on the investigation achievements and gave a summary speech, and the members of Party Committee respectively gave a speech for communication. Han Bin, Vice Director of the 18th Tour Guidance Group of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, and Yang Zhenyu, member of the Guidance Group, attended the Exchange for guidance.

        A few days ago, in accordance with the schedule of the campaign on the theme of "Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind", the members of Party Committee respectively visited the competent units, cities of Shandong Province, financial units, province-administrated enterprises, ownership enterprises and grassroots to carry out special investigation and form investigation reports by focusing on the annual key work tasks of the Company, and closely linking to the actual work. At the Exchange, Ni Shoumin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Director communicated the progress of the relevant work and the arrangement of investigation work since the Company has carried out the themed campaign. Centering on the subjects of "improving examination mechanism, promoting the preparation of the Company’s strategic plan, strengthening the construction of corporate culture, advancing the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision mechanism of state-owned enterprise", the members of Party Committee carried in-depth communication on the investigation achievements according to their responsibilities and the investigation subjects, commented on each other, carefully analyzed the weaknesses of work, and proposed the targeted solutions, as well as the ideas, measures and actions for the improvement of work.


       Meng Lei said that everyone has closely focused on what we are doing, and carried out in-depth investigation in a top-bottom manner, highlighting the key points, mastering the comprehensive situation, discovering the accurate and actual problems, and proposing the strongly targeted measures proposed, which achieved the intended effect.

        Meng Lei stressed that we should deeply implement the deployment of Party Central Committee and the requirements of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, form some initiatives and measures that are in line with the laws and regulations, convenient to be operated, and actually useful by combining with the actual work, embody the investigation achievements on the reform and development of the Company, and reflect the effects of themed education in the actual work. We should, first, continue to make effort on understanding and implementing the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for A New Era; second, continue to focus on promoting the "ox-nose-like" high-quality development of the Company; third, continue to pay attention to addressing the vital interests of staffs; forth, continue to comprehensively strengthen the building of Party in the new era.

       Meng Lei stressed that we should take the arrangement of themed campaign as the primary political task, continuously summarize the experiences, solve problems, emphasize the responsibilities of leaders, strengthen urge and guidance, and carry out themed education in a more solid and effective way.

       Han Bin stressed that the investigation and study of Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. was always carried out in a problem-oriented manner, with the subject selected by closely focusing on the central work, and addressing the subject by overcoming difficulties and hot spots, which fully complied with the requirements of themed campaign. The Secretary of Party Committee took the lead in investigation, and every member had the task of investigation. They proposed the ideas and measures as well as the practical resolutions by deeply analyzing the causes without evading conflicts and problems, so that the high-quality investigation achievements were achieved. With high quality, good effect and innovative results, the Exchange achieved the goal of sharing achievements, enhancing awareness, and unifying the thinking, and played a role of improving work style, and increasing solidarity. At the same time, we should pay attention to the use of investigation achievements, and ensure to convert the investigation achievements to the specific actions of resolving problems.

       The Exchange was presided over by Guo Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of the Company, with all the Party members and officials at middle level and above participated.

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