The Leaders of the Company Visit Juancheng for Investigating the Project of Country Complex for Rural Revitalization

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      On the morning of August 7, 2019, Guo Xiaodong, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., and other members visited the construction site of the project " Country Complex for Rural Revitalization of Juancheng" invested by Juancheng Silk Road East Photovoltaic Agricultural Co., Ltd. for inspection and guidance, accompanied by the Commander Wang Zhouming and the relevant personnel of participation units.

       The Commander Wang Zhouming reported the detailed situation of the construction of the project to the General Manager Guo Xiaodong and other accompanied leaders. The General Manager Guo Xiaodong gave guidance advice on the overall construction, planning and construction progress of the project on site.


Source: Shandong Silk Road Development Investment Co., Ltd.

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