Promotion Meeting of Building A Robust Party Branch of Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Held in Silk Road

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       On November 28, Shandong Development & Investment Holding Group Co.,Ltd. held a promotion meeting of building a robust Party branch at the exemplary base of the provincial “Good Teams for Entrepreneurship”- Shandong Silk Road Investment Development Co., Ltd.. At the meeting, it grandly commended the advanced individuals who "practiced the patriotic and struggling spirit and serviced the Company for reform and development", summed up the party building of grassroots in a phased manner, and deployed the party building of grassroots and the building of robust Party branch in a period of time in the future. The Company’s Party Committee members, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, management members were present at the meeting, each Party branch secretary, party affairs officers and the principals of all departments and offices (units) attended the meeting.

       Before the meeting, all participants visited the exhibition of the building achievements of a robust Party branch of Silk Road, had a deep understanding of the learning contents of Party members and the Party building situations carried out by the Party branch by carefully reading the log book of “three meetings and one class", bulletin of Party branch and creation materials for a robust Party branch, and exchanged the work experience of Party branch. At the meeting, Ren Xufeng, Party Branch Secretary of Silk Road gave a comprehensive introduction to the building of a robust Party branch; Ji Jingke, Party Committee member and Director of the Company, read out Decision on Commending Advanced Individuals Who "Practiced the Patriotic and Struggling Spirit and Serviced the Company for Reform and Development"; Yao Hongsheng, Party Committee member and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Company,  read out Approval of the Company’s Party Committee on the Election Results of Party Branch; and Meng Lei, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Company gave concluding remarks.


        In his speech, Meng Lei said that the Party Committee attaches great importance to the requirements of "implementing the target of comprehensively strengthening Party discipline in every Party branch, every Party member”, and has regarded this year as" the year of building a robust Party branch", and developed an Implementation Plan of Building A Robust Party Branch. Under such background, the building of Party branch at grassroots made remarkable achievements, and the building of organizational system, the basic system, Party branch and the integration and development of business work were further enhanced. Meng Lei asked that each Party branch must recognize the importance of strengthening the building of a robust Party branch, comprehensively deepen the building of a robust Party branch by consolidated responsibility undertaking through improving the ideological understanding, stead consolidation and improvement by building a strong foundation, and the activation of vitality by innovative ways, firmly grasp the target tasks of " six robust": robust politics, robust leadership, robust team, robust work style, robust system and robust performance, earnestly study and implement the requirements of Working Rules of the Chinese Communist Party Branch (trial), strive to build a number of robust demonstration groups of Party branch in 2020 after 2-3 years of hard work, radiating to drive all Party organizations at grassroots to be fully robust to ensure achieving the Company’s objective of building a robust Party branch.
       Nishou Min, Deputy Party Secretary and Director asked all the Party branches to have a serious study on implementing the spirit of the meeting and firmly establish a distinctive work direction of "guiding all the work of the Party to each Party branch"; all Party branches should adhere to problem-oriented, and coordinate the arrangements for the work of the Party branch; all Party branches should create an atmosphere of benchmarking, catching up and exceeding the model, carry out a campaign of benchmarking, catching up and exceeding the advanced, and continue to build a demonstration group of robust Party branch.

       The promotion meeting of building a robust Party branch held by the Party Committee of the Company in the form of on-the-spot meeting not only made a periodic summary on the Party building work at grassroots by the Company and propagated the experience of Silk Road in building a robust Party branch, but also arranged the further key tasks of the Company in building a robust Party branch. The meeting was well-prepared with prominent theme and flexible forms, which played a good role in further promoting the comprehensive advancement and robustness of building the Company’s Party and Party branch, and aroused strong opinions among the participants and inspired them deeply, achieving the expected effect.

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