All Members Of The Group Company Centralized Viewing The First Lesson Of The ‘Lighthouse Class’.

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On July 1st, according to the relevant requirements of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the group company organized all party members to watched the first live lecture of ‘Lighthouse Class’. This issue of ‘Lighthouse Classroom’ is presided over by Ma Wensheng, Director of the Modern Distance Education Center for Party Members and Cadres of the Organizational Department of the Provincial Party Committee. Zhang Hongjun, Director of the Office of the Party Members Education Center of the Central Organizational Department, has instructed and interpreted the ‘Regulations on the Education and Management of the Communist Party Members of China’. The group company member of leadership team, the party branch of the group headquarters, Shunhe(Circle Belt)’s party branch, party branch of the modern industry company and all the party members in the 38th floor watch the film together in the meeting room, other Party branch organized their Party members to watch the film in their own company. 

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