Shandong Development Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. The leading group of the Party Committee held the 2015 Democratic Life Meeting

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On the afternoon of January 11, 2016, the leadership team of the Party Committee of Shandong Development Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. held the 2015 Democratic Life Meeting. The members of the team closely focused on the theme of "three strictness and three realities" and conducted a cross-checking test. Seeing people seeing things and seeing ideas, the real thing has a "spicy taste." Comrade Meng Lei, secretary of the company's party committee and chairman, presided over the meeting, and the heads of the company departments attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Comrade Meng Lei made a cross-check on behalf of the leadership team of the company's party committee and took the lead in speaking. The other team members spoke one by one. The members of the leading group carefully investigated the problems of laxity and inaccuracy, thoroughly analyzed the reasons, proposed rectification measures, and carried out criticism and self-criticism one by one. The atmosphere of openness and openness made the meeting have a good effect, and reached a heart-to-heart relationship and unified thoughts. The purpose of mutual promotion and common progress.

The meeting requested that the members of the leadership team should take this democratic life as an opportunity to closely focus on the work of the company center, find the entry point, grasp the combination point, grasp the key points, and strive to promote the normalization of the "three strictness and three realities". Long-term and effective, to make greater contributions to the construction of a strong economy and culture.

The meeting stressed that members of the team should adhere to high standards and strict requirements, set an example, look at the overall situation, talk about unity and efficiency, implement the results of a democratic life meeting, list problems, clarify corrective measures, strengthen supervision and inspection, and ensure that problems are resolved.

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