Shandong Development Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. convened the establishment of a party branch (changing) election meeting

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According to the requirements of the party committee of the group company, on February 15th, the three branches of the company held a meeting of all party members. A total of 28 party members attended the meeting and elected a new branch committee and branch secretary. The members of the company's leadership team participated in the election meeting of the branch.

In accordance with the procedures for the change of the branch of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China, the General Assembly voted to pass the "Election Method for the Establishment of the Party Branch of Shandong Development Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd." and voted by secret ballot. According to the voting results, the first committee of a ministry consisted of three comrades Wang Guoqing, Zhang Jizhi and Wang Chaoxin, and Wang Guoqing served as the branch secretary; the first committee of the second branch was composed of three comrades Zhang Huaqing, Wang Zihui and Fu Xiao, and Zhang Huaqing served as the branch secretary; The first committee of the branch consisted of three comrades, Ren Xufeng, Zhong Wei and Wang Zhenying, and Ren Xufeng served as the branch secretary.

The convening of the conference gave full play to the political core role of the party committee, the role of the grassroots party organization in fighting bastion and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members. It played an active role in further strengthening the party leadership of the company, expanding the coverage of party building work, and enhancing the party's cohesiveness and combat effectiveness. Promote.

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