The trade union organization of the group company carried out the “Promoting the Dragon Boat Festival Culture to convey my love and fragrance” – the Dragon Boat Festival theme event

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       In order to carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and feel the rich cultural connotation of the Dragon Boat Festival, on the morning of June 6th, the trade union of the group company carried out the theme of the Dragon Boat Festival, which was the theme of “Promoting the Dragon Boat Festival Culture”. More than 30 employees and employee representatives attended the event.


       The employees enthusiastically staged stories about the stories, customs, and legends related to the Dragon Boat Festival, and the poems and poems of the Qu Yuan, commemorating the poet Qu Yuan and enhancing the patriotic sentiment.

       Employees hands-on, adjust raw materials, rakes leaves, fill glutinous rice, tightly bundled......
       Through the activities of experiencing the festival customs, the employees further deepened their understanding of traditional culture, experienced the strong traditional cultural charm, and inspired the love of “our festival”.



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