Shandong Development Investment Group actively organizes team building and training activities

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       In order to enhance the work and emotional exchanges of all the staff of the group company, enhance the team's cohesiveness and combat effectiveness, and promote the company's corporate culture, from November 9 to 10, the group's leaders led the group's headquarters and 73 employees of the company to Shandong Liangjian Education and Training. The base carried out a two-day team building and outreach training activities and achieved good results.

       This activity runs through the main story of the warring states. The employees are divided into four teams, namely, Zhao, Yan, Qi, and Chu. The leaders of the group companies are in charge, leading everyone to form a team, excluding the square, and shouting the exit number. . The energetic and distinctive team show ceremony officially kicked off the expansion training.

       The expansion training activities mainly include "war of water source", "accumulation of national strength", "high-altitude broken bridge", "blind people's square", "warring of the warring states", "king of glory" and other projects. In the face of a challenging project, the teams brainstorm, unite and cooperate, cooperate with each other, encourage each other, work together, fight and fight, and dare to fight. The "Water Source Warfare" project requires team members to take the opposite water in the shortest possible time with the most effective means, but no one can cross the line and the body cannot touch the ground. Each team must first collectively discuss water intake methods, design water intake actions, and rationally plan the water intake order according to height and coordination. In the process of water intake, one person takes water, and others must work together to protect his wrists, thighs, and waists. Only by working together can they be successfully completed; the "Blind Array" project is to train the team's decision-making ability. Communication consciousness and scientific way of thinking, everyone with a blindfold can not see anything, to unify the program, select the leader, obey the command, want to use the rope in the hand to form the largest square, plan, organize, coordinate which The links are very important. With the joint efforts of the team members, they have successfully completed a project that was once considered impossible. After the completion of these projects, everyone shared the joy of success and the passion of challenge, fully realized the mutual trust, effective communication, strict organization, teamwork, and management art and overall effectiveness such as leadership and execution.

       During the expansion of the training activities, the leaders and employees of the group company worked together, united and cooperated, and the party committee secretary and chairman Meng Lei took the lead in completing the “High-altitude Broken Bridge” project, which invigorated the spirit of everyone and all employees were confident. While courage and friendship, I felt the warmth and happiness of the extended family, understood the responsibility and responsibility, enhanced the employees' sense of dedication, gratitude and dedication, further enhanced the team's cohesiveness, creativity and combat effectiveness, and fully demonstrated the employees of the group. The spirit of hard work and daring to play a positive role in improving the company's work efficiency, improving communication and coordination capabilities of various departments and improving execution.

       Everyone said that in the future work, we will always carry forward the enterprise spirit of integrity, unity, development and innovation, and make new and greater contributions to building a domestic first-class investment company and promoting the province's strategic transformation from large to strong! 

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