The group company has taken measures to carry out energy conservation publicity week and low carbon day activities.

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In order to further establish and popularize the concept of energy-saving and low-carbon, and vigorously advocate the social and diligent socialism and promote the popularization of green production and lifestyle, the group company has carried out a series of energy-saving publicity week and low-carbon day activities. Good results.

First, strengthen leadership and meticulous organization. The “2019 Energy Conservation Publicity Week and Low Carbon Day Activity Program” was issued, which clarified the theme of the event, specific arrangements and related requirements. A low-carbon energy-saving leading group was established to provide strong organizational guarantee for the activities. The leading group has an office, and the daily work is specifically responsible for the office. Strengthen the organization, supervision and guidance of the energy conservation publicity week and the low carbon day activities to ensure the activities are carried out in an orderly manner.

The second is to increase publicity and create an atmosphere. Promote eco-civilization, green development concepts and knowledge in the form of LED displays, banners, promotional panels, company websites, etc., promote sustainable lifestyles and consumption patterns; hang and place energy-saving savings in office areas, restaurants, bathrooms, etc. Promote slogans and exhibition boards to create a strong atmosphere of energy saving, carbon reduction and diligence.

The third is to supervise and guide the implementation. Conduct spot checks on electricity, water, and office supplies, and educate the office or individual who has not turned off the water, turned off the lights, turned off the power, and wasted office supplies, and guided all cadres and workers to enhance the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction, and give full play to leadership. Cadres take the lead in opposing the waste of resources and promoting simplicity and frugality.

The fourth is to combine business and innovation. In the process of business work, the group company firmly established the new development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”, and innovatively adopted the model of “international financial organization loan + green environmental protection industry” to play a low-interest loan and state-owned capital of international financial organizations. The dual credit enhancement function initiated the establishment of a green development fund of Shandong Province with a scale of 10 billion yuan. This is the first time that the world financial organization has set up an industrial fund based on sovereign loans as a cornerstone investment. It has innovated a new model of financial support for green industries and is the first fund to implement international green standards.

Through the launch of this activity, everyone has a deeper understanding of the concept of energy saving, green development, and enhanced awareness of energy saving, resource saving. Everyone said that in the future work and life, they will consciously join the "green development, energy saving first" action, actively take responsibility, promote the concept of environmental protection, advocate the low carbon life of the pacesetter, and make due for the construction of green and beautiful homes. Contribution.

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