Group company trade unions organize international "March 8" Women's Day activities

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In order to celebrate the international "March 8" Women's Day and express the concern of the leaders of the group company for the female employees, on the morning of March 8, the female workers spent a flower and incense experience experience at the training base of the cultural media company, and spent a full life together. A happy and meaningful holiday.

Japan's Xiaoyuanliuhuadao belongs to the classic oriental flower arrangement. It has a history of more than 100 years and is suitable for decorating indoor living and working environment. It is characterized by natural beauty, fresh and elegant. It has the natural beauty of the East and the elegance and romance of the West. The oriental flower arrangement is about the beauty of “subtraction”. You can create beautiful works with just three or two simple flowers. Everyone is trying to slow down, carefully observe and carefully understand.


Fragrance, not only aroma to nourish the nose, support the body and mind, but also to promote the treatment of diseases, health and health. The unused spices bring us different feelings, a dozen different flavors of spices, everyone sniffs and picks the taste that you like. The big home makes a sachet, and sends a good heart and wishes to the relatives and friends through the incense, and sends a peace blessing.

Through this activity, everyone not only increased their knowledge, but also cultivated their sentiments and felt the wisdom and artistic conception of Chinese traditional culture. Everyone said that they will continue to carry forward the spirit of women's self-respect, self-reliance, self-confidence and self-reliance. With full enthusiasm, persistent pursuit, and high-spirited fighting spirit, we will make new contributions to the development of Shandong Development Investment Group and write a beautiful chapter of "Don't let the eyebrows". .


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