Shandong Province “One Circle and One Belt” Industrial Investment Fund and Jining City Circle with Emerging Industry Development Fund officially launched

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On March 28th, the industrial investment fund of Shandong Province and the emerging industrial development fund of Jining City Circle were officially launched in Jining. Provincial Party Committee Secretary and Director Zhang Xinwen, Jining Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Yihua, Mayor Fu Mingxian, Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Meng Lei attended the event. Qin Ke, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and executive deputy director of the Regional Office, presided over the ceremony.

In his speech, Comrade Zhang Xinwen pointed out that the establishment of a circle around Shandong Province; the industrial investment fund and the Jining City Circle with the emerging industry development fund are not only the specific measures to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, but also the innovative practice of promoting the combination of capital and industry. Guide the capital flow to the real economy in a market-oriented manner, support the development of industries around the circle, and support the rapid development of local quality enterprises. Comrade Zhang Xinwen put forward several requirements for the management and operation of the fund: First, highlighting the strategic orientation and realizing the organic integration of the strategic implementation of the circle and the belt with the market mechanism; second, highlighting the key areas and selecting a group of leading enterprises and industry-leading enterprises. The development prospects are good for double-creative enterprises; the third is to emphasize standardized management, continuously improve the quality of fund management and service enterprises; the fourth is to highlight professional focus and strive to create good returns; the fifth is to highlight the cooperation mechanism, in information platform, professional consultation, Channel coordination and other aspects to strengthen docking and resource integration, and form a synergy.

Comrade Meng Lei said in his speech that the fund will adhere to the investment philosophy of win-win cooperation and common growth, give full play to the strategic guiding role of state-owned capital, and focus on supporting major infrastructure, strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, and ecological environment in the region. The construction of projects such as industry, social and people's livelihood, and scientific and technological achievements incubation will serve the comprehensive economic and social development of the region. He pointed out that the operation mode of the fund around the circle is the parent fund + way, the parent fund plus local government funds, the establishment of local sub-funds to support the development of local strategic emerging industries; the parent fund plus leading enterprises, select leading enterprises in the segmentation field And support it to become bigger and stronger; the mother fund plus social capital, mobilize social forces, scale up the fund scale, and play better.

The industrial investment fund of Shandong Province is led by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Shandong Development Investment Holding Group. The total scale is 1 billion yuan. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Shandong Development Investment Holding Group each contribute 300 million yuan, and other social capital contributes 400 million yuan. yuan. The industrial investment funds in the circle and the area are guided by the “Planning Urban Agglomeration Economic Circle Development Plan” and the “Western Economic Uplift Development Plan”, and are guided by the government, market operation, scientific decision-making, and risk prevention. Investment in projects with high growth and high added value, in the growth period and maturity, support the development of regional basic industries, pillar industries and high-tech enterprises, and achieve the dual goals of regional economic transformation and upgrading and state-owned capital preservation and appreciation.

The Jining City Circle New Industrial Development Fund established this time is the first local sub-fund of industrial investment funds in the first round of Shandong Province, with a total scale of 1 billion yuan, mainly invested in Jining's local strategic emerging industries. At the launching ceremony, the industrial investment fund of Shandong Province and the emerging industrial development fund of Jining City signed a letter of intent for cooperation with 8 projects, which will inject 287 million yuan for these projects and drive investment of 1.25 billion yuan.

Liang Wenyue, deputy director of the Provincial Regional Office, Li Tao, chief economist of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Wang Zhiyong, member of the party committee of the group company, participated in the event.

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